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Phil Marsh and Chris Hillyard appeared in the Channel 5 documentary 'Secrets of The Royal Train' and both have been featured in the national press over the years. Chris used to run the train while Philip was asked to sell it in November 1997 and between us managed to keep it operative, unchanged & at Wolverton. The story is in 'The Full Works' book which has sold over 1600 copies.

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Wolverton Works redevelopment plans latest news - January 2020


The owners of the land that Wolverton Works is situated on is St. Modwen and they announced in October 2014 plans to redevelop the 37 acre site. About 20 acres will be for residential and retail use and the rest will be the home of a brand new railway works facility for Knorr-Bremse, the company that bought Railcare from the Administrators in August 2013. They bailed out after managing to lose £53million in five years and the Works is now operated by Gemini Rail.


The Outline Planning Application to demolish the Works was taken on 17 November 2016 amongst some controversy. This decision has now been 'called in' by the Government Homes and Communities department and is currently being reviewed. Phil Marsh has made a submission into this process which explained in great detail why the basic railway assumptions submitted by G L Hearn were flawed and physically impossible to deliver!


The St Modwen directors at the last AGM were unable to answer questions put to them about future railway operations and the Consents required from the Office of Rail and Road so far as safety compliance was concerned  

Wolverton Works redevelopment

Wolverton Works demolition. This is the demolition of part of the works in 1992 following the fire in May 1991 - some say suspicious - and this area was also redeveloped. Above shows the Royal Train in Wolverton and trains being shunted into the Lifting Shop. Wolverton shunter 08649 has now departed The Works for good after over 40 years working there. Below:  The East Repair Shop has all but vanished from view with the Lidl shop. web 1898 built Incident Repair shop proposed for o web site of the proposed discount store and wolverton wall on lhs web 6 Blocked off timber door inside view web Blocked off timber door street view wolverton fire electric shop 8 First test borehole at wolverton by Phil Marsh 8 First test borehole at wolverton by Phil Marsh 8 First test borehole at wolverton by Phil Marsh 4 Wolverton conservation area Phil Marsh


IMG_5206 2018-02-25 Royal Train Wolverton Works Phil Marsh Ref 062 IMG_5243 2015-03-20 08649 royal church street crossing IO4B6063