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14 Milton Road

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The St Modwen Planning Application to demolish Wolverton Works was approved by Milton Keynes Council on 17 November 2016 - or was it? It lies within a Conservation Area, with affordable housing set at only 10% instead of the mandated 30%. Historic England Objected and a 2nd Hearing on 3 August 2017 was nullified due to 'procedural errors'. Another hearing was held on 25 September and Councillors voted narrowly in favour of demolition. Historic England has asked the Government to 'Call In' the decision and hold a public inquiry under the Judicial Review process.  

Welcome to the Royal Train & Wolverton Works Official book website. The official 175th anniversary book is still available by emailing me at

Royal Trains have fascinated people worldwide for over 150 years as these rather special trains reflect social, royal and railway history across the world. 


Wolverton railway works in Milton Keynes has seen Royal Saloons built at the home of the UK Royal Train for just shy of 150 years. The Royal Trainshed is seen above along with the official plaque celebrating the 150th anniversary of Royal Saloons being based at Wolverton.


The author has given, and been booked to do many more talks about The Royal Train - please contact him for details. Talks can be from 45 minutes to 90 minutes and tailored to the audience. These reflect the contents of the official authorised 175th anniversary book about Wolverton Works entitled 'The Full Works'. Plenty of Royal Train anecdotes from those who worked on it are recounted!


The Full Works contains over 100 images over 68 pages documenting the history of Wolverton Railway Works and was published to mark the Works' 175th anniversary in September 2013. It contains previously unpublished details of the UK Royal Train and how its proposed privatisation in 1997 was prevented - by the author. An update is provided with every book sold keeping the story up to date. Over 1200 have been bought following continuing good reviews and feedback. These pictures show Royal Train at  Wolverton, the 150 years of Royal Train plaque and an official LNWR postcard of Queen Alexandra's 1903 saloon.


The 1920 built Royal Saloon is seen in the Works and was used until 1989 and below is the keyring for Queen Adelaide's  and Queen Victoria's Saloon.


And The Queen (as Princess Elizabeth) on her 1948 visit to Wolverton with Mr Peters, the Works' Manager.


Please note that all images on this site and in the book are strictly copyright protected but may be purchased up to A3 size using professional printers, paper and inks. Please visit the shop page for details.

web book cover will provide the latest news on demolition progress and other Wolverton related news and archives. Click on the above link to visit the site. Site last updated on 19 February 2018.

The Full Works is the official Wolverton Works 175th anniversary book and includes an in-depth look at The Royal Train. It retails at £5 plus £1.50 P&P from: Phil Marsh, 14 Milton Road, Willen Village, Milton Keynes MK15 9AD.


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Jack Boskett is a rare photographic talent recognised by being official photograper on the Royal Rota. Don't miss this chance to see this brilliant young photographer in Tewksbury on 3 March.


There are bound to be some right Royal tales told....